Monterey Beach House has its own House DJ and Emcee, Beachcomber Kelley, who will help you customize the perfect beach party for all your guests. Performing at the Beach House for more than twelve years, Kelley will have your guests roaring with laughter at his “Clambake Hoola Hoop Contest,” trademark “Lobster Limbo” and “King Neptune’s Fiery Conga Line!” Our Classic California Beach Party, combined with the best beach music in town, will have your guests talking for years to come!

After the Interactive Beach Show, you can transform the Monterey Beach House into your own private nightclub! With Kelley’s state–of–the–art sound system and light show, guests will definitely dance the night away!

No matter what your event calls for, Beachcomber Kelley will help personalize your event and refine all of the details. Come join us for a spectacular night of fun and entertainment at the Beach House!