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February 19, 2015
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An Evening at the Beach House

Pink, peach and lavender sunsets, music wafting on the breeze through the palms rustling leaves, warmth rising from the bonfire embers, and your toes in the sand.

Fantasy? No!

This is the reality that is an evening at Central Coast Event’s Monterey Beach House and this reality occurred in the month of January (and first 2 weeks of February as it turns out too). When a large part of the United States was racked with a bone rattling chill and record snow fall, the Monterey Peninsula on the Central Coast of California was enjoying summer like conditions with clear blue skies and 70 degree temperatures by day and stunning sunsets and star lit skies at night.

Because of the rugged coastline, crystal blue pacific waters of Monterey Bay, nearby vineyards and rolling pasture lands and farms…everyday on the Monterey Peninsula is classically beautiful. Traditionally, the fall, winter, and spring months at the Beach House are the most mild and temperate times of the year and this winter has not disappointed in the least, in fact these first few weeks of 2015 have been off the charts spectacular. If you are a corporate event planner looking for a way to entertain your conference attendees after long days in workshops and lectures or if you are a bride planning your dream destination wedding surrounded by loved ones who have traveled long distances to be part of your special day, imagine how much your guests would enjoy their own “toes in the sand experience” at the Monterey Beach House watching that sunset, swaying to the music and sipping their cocktail.

And in case you were wondering about the summer months, they are a different kind of awesome. Hot weather in the Central Valleys of California couple with the super chilled waters of the extremely deep Monterey Bay and create nature’s air conditioning called “marine layer”. While inland areas of California are sweltering in July and August, Monterey and its surrounding areas are swathed in cool misty air providing comfortable conditions for outdoor activities and celebrations.

Call it home pride, but we at the Monterey Beach House believe there is no place prettier or more weather friendly than the Monterey Peninsula to host your special event.

Come for the weather, stay for the service, and return for the experience.